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Unmarketing For Tech Companies With Something To Say

Tell true stories | Amplify real voices | Go where your audience is online | Engage in the current dialogue

Brand Messaging with 100 Percent Real Ingredients

Orate Project's approach to audience engagement harmonizes with today's digital landscape, where the real and authentic carry weight. 


Peer-to-peer sharing, real user reviews, social networks, citizen journalism, and online virality inspire our creative vision and services.


We combine digital savvy with the timeless craft of storytelling to produce memorable, high-impact content centered on how end users are building amazing things with technology in the real world.

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Be Where Your Audience Is Online

We produce the video and text content your audience goes online to see—with your company and value proposition at the center. Our talented team manages all phases of content creation from concept and coordination to editing and finalizing.

Radically Effective Approach to Attracting Attention Online


Your most convincing advocates are ready to talk to others about your tech—up close and personal in shareable video stories that go where your target audience is online.


  • Utilizing the latest technology to produce high-impact video stories for websites, blogs, Facebook, Twitter, etc., for a fraction of the cost of traditional production companies.


             Make Tech Talk





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Deep Tech Content Engineered for


Orate Project wants to rewrite the rules on technical content. We're combining fresh ideas, human voices, and creative storytelling to produce content readers can't click away from. 

  • Boost search rankings

  • Educate prospects

  • Raise brand awareness

  • Strengthen customer relationships

  • Get more leads and conversions

Our Clients

"Our users had a lot to say about Jaeger, but technical people often struggle to tell their own compelling stories. Orate produced a series of articles for us that help interested practitioners relate to our users' experiences in order to fully understand the power of Jaeger."

Yuri Shokuru

Software Engineer at Uber 


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