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                     The Orate Story


Orate Project formed when some restless minds in the technology space gathered with the idea of fine-tuning highly engaging, shareable narrative content for knowledge-thirsty technologists. They included Stanford alum and Cloud Native Computing Foundation executive director Priyanka Sharma and serial startup founder Zaki Mahomed. The duo recruited some top technology writers and creators at the fore of multimedia digital content and immediately began working for some of the biggest names in tech. 

As Orate has evolved, we've reshuffled a bit, incorporated new talent and developed fresh ideas to deliver the cutting-edge video and text content tech companies and their audiences of smart, savvy end users want. 

We recognize that today's online audience is largely in control of what they see and hear, and companies must deliver their brand message in a package they will naturally gravitate towards. 

Our creators come from the worlds of tech journalism, multimedia storytelling and digital content strategy. They know what kind of content drives traffic and engagement and is shared widely on social media; the kind individuals online will seek out themselves and give their full attention to; the kind that affects, convinces and people wins over.

Technology and storytelling are in our DNA. Our mission is to rewrite the rules of technical content and master online audience engagement. 


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Stat: 92% of consumers prefer media messages that sound like a story


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