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Orate Project Presents

Video content production for
day's tech companies

   Radically effective 
Radically more affordable than 
traditional production companies

The statistics on video content speak for themselves.



Many startups think that great video isn't in their budget. If they're thinking of traditional, on-site production crews, they might be right. Also, showcasing products and services in video can be challenging for software companies since many features  don't come to life until customers are using them. 

Radical by Orate Project's Active Advocates video stories leverage remote recording technology and expert editing to produce high-quality sharable video for clients. These short, engaging videos star your most convincing advocatesyour usersdetailing how they're succeeding with your products in the real world. Their up-close and personal accounts of how they solved issues, innovated and drove profit, along with visuals of your product in action, bring the viewer closer to your company, product and value propositionand way closer to buying.


  • Real users talk directly to your market in their own words 

  • Utilizing technology to produce high-impact video stories for websites, blogs, Facebook, Twitter, email, presentations, etc.

  • For a fraction of the cost of traditional production companies

Video story by Orate Project


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